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Uploads a media file in chunks. Each individual chunk of the file is uploaded using this method.





HTTP Method:



Requires Authentication:



Parameters: (the complete URL will contain these parameters)

  • mediaId - Id of the media file, that was returned when chunk upload was initialised. (see initChunkUpload Response)
  • fileSize - Total size of the media file.
  • chunkOffset - Offset from which current chunk has to be appended. (Always "0" to indicate start of file)
  • chunkLength - Length of current chunk.


Usage notes:

  • POST request:

               Binary data of the file needs to be included in the body of the request.

  • Complete URL:
    • String url = "http://chunk-upload.tvider.com/api/chunkUpload/mediaId/" + mediaId + "/fileSize/" + fileSize + "/chunkOffset/" + chunkOffset + "/chunkLength/" + chunkLength ;
  • Content-Type header:

               Key: "Content-Type"

               Value: contentMimeType (same as set in initChunkUpload)

  • Content-Length header:

               Key: "Content-Length"

               Value: chunkLength



  • In case file is successfully uploaded:         


                    {"uploadStatus":"File is successfully uploaded.",





               "responseTime":"Response Time: 0.0 s"



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